Web Design & Development Company in Bangalore

Web Design & Development Company in Bangalore

How Internet has changed the business?

Internet technology is growing rapidly than you think. The Internet has reached the first 50 million users in just 4 years, television media took 13 years, and radio took 38 years to reach the same number of users. Around 7 billion population 4 billion people are using the internet for their personal as well as for business needs in their day to day life. India is the 2nd largest internet user’s country after china. It has 451 million monthly active internet users. Isn’t it a big market?

We use the internet for everything we do. The web has become such an essential part of every business’s growth. Let’s go back, 25 years ago business is all about opening a local store, advertising in the local paper, joining the local communities and expecting for the local customers. But now it will not work as it worked 25 years ago. Today the market has grown up hugely. 70% of people surf the internet for their needs before they buy any product or service. 120 million people shop online in India as per the 2018 record. Now the question is “Is your business performing in the huge online market or in the limited local market?“.

Always be the part of opportunities.

Resources for your online business

Are you not excited about online business? Now you have a question “How can I bring my business to the online market”?

The answer is simple, opening a business online is like opening a business in local. It needs the following resources, let’s take a look one by one

1) Domain Name: The first thing you need in an online business is domain name. A domain name is just like your local store signboard. It is your business brand name (www.yourbusiness.com). It creates brand awareness for your business.

2) Web Space: Webspace is also called as web hosting. It is online virtual storage for your business. All your websites, emails, websites data, and resources store in the webspace.

3) Website: Website is nothing but your store which contains all your information, resources, and details that your visitors and customers want to know.

a) Web Design: Webdesign is the front view of your business. It is just your website design. It catches your visitor’s & customer’s attention. Good web design can increase your business turn over by attracting new customers without any extra effort in time.

b) Web Development: Web development is the backend for your website. It acts as a bridge between your visitors and you.

Advantages of having a website for your business?

In this online competition world having a business website is not an option whether you have small, medium or big scale business. If you don’t have your business website you are probably losing a big number of customers, profit and impressions. Let’s talk about advantages of your business website.

1) Cost-Effective: The website design and development costs very less when compare to the local business. You do not need any extra team or manpower to handle your online business unlike your local store.

2) 24 / 7 / 365: What do you think if you open your local store 24/7/365. Of course, it is not easy but sure it will help to your business growth. Your website does the same. Your website can be accessible 24/7/365. It provides all the information, details about your products and services to the customers.

3) Credibility: On your website, you can post why your customers should choose you by providing valuable feedback and testimonials. 80% of people choose the product or service by looking ratings, feedback and testimonials given by the customers.

4) Increase Customers: Currently how many people know about your business existence maybe 2 or 3 digits. Is that a really good number. From a competitive standpoint that is very less. Through the website, you can reach millions of online users without any extra effort.

5) Increase Profit: With respect to point 4, increasing customers directly increase sales, that lead to profit growth. Isn’t is simple?

More Visitors => More Customers => More Sales => More Profit.

Our Web Design & Development Working Flow

Step 1Requirement Gathering:

Our primary focus is on understanding the client’s requirements, business goals, what purpose needs to be served, target audience and kind of resources that need to be on the website.

Step 2Planning:

Based on the requirements gathered, we plan the website needs and web technology to be used in order to create a responsive website layout. We create a sitemap and organize the web flow navigation by knowing the available resources and deciding on recent technologies to be used to build the website.

Step 3Elegant/ Unique Design:

In this stage, our experts and highly skilled designers will create an elegant website architecture and web layout as per the ideas incorporated based on the requirements gathered and planning in order to serve the eye catchy responsive web design for all the devices from smartwatches, mobile, tablet, and desktop to large screens.

Step 4Powerful Content:

Content is king in the online market, so the next step is coming up with the right-content thinking through the customer’s point of view such as business details, photos, videos and all the resources that help for your visitors & customers. This ensures that the website is optimized for visitors as well as for the search engines. Right content always attracts the right audience.

Step 5Web Development:

This is the development phase of web design; In this stage our web development team analyzes the scenario for backend process and does coding for the website using right technology among trending such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, WordPress, Joomla, PHP, and MySql, etc… which helps to fulfill the business and website needs with technical standpoint.

Step 6Responsive Web Design:

Technology has changed rapidly, Now website is not only belonging to the computer or laptop. It should compatible with all the devices such as smartwatches, mobile, tablet, desktop, and large screens. Our skilled web designers team will take charge of the responsive website design from this stage by achieving the designs that they have gathered from the designer team.

Step 7Deployment:

After we tend to launch the site our job is definitely not done. We forever monitor what is happening after the launch and fix any possible deficiencies and if you wish we will also manage to future maintenance and updates for you.

Latest Web Technologies We Use


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML is not a programming language it is a standard markup language for building the webpages. The latest version of HTML is HTML5. HTML can be used with cascading stylesheets and scripting languages. This feature enriches the UX (User Experience) and UI(User Interface).


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. The name itself says it is style sheet language for styling the webpage written in the markup languages like HTML. The latest version of CSS is CSS3. CSS helps to present the content, elements, and layouts in a separate way using color, font, border, etc. CSS mainly helps in UI (User Interface).


Javascript often abbreviated as JS. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the core languages of World Wide Web. Javascript mainly plays in UX (User Experience). It provides interaction between visitors and the webpage. Js is very common, Now all the major web browsers have separate javascript engines to execute the JS code.


PHP is used to call as Personal Home Page, now it is Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a general-purpose programming language mainly developed for web development. PHP is a server-side programming language mainly PHP is for server interaction with the browsers. PHP interpreter executes the PHP code. PHP is a very popular programming language in web development.


MySql is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Many database-driven web applications use MySql for their database management. MySql is based on SQL (Structured Query Language). MySql is mainly used for database management systems such as E-commerce, Data warehouse, social media, and logging applications.


WordPress is the most popular CMS in web technology. WordPress is based on the PHP (For server-side interaction), MySql (For RDBMS). WordPress was mainly developed for blogging purpose but now wordpress can be used for all the web portal requirements. 27% of websites on the internet use wordpress. As CMS wordpress covers 76% CMS market.

Do You Have a Website Requirement for Your Brand?

Frequently Asked Questions

A Content Management System (CMS) is a piece of software designed to create and edit a website. WordPress is currently the most popular CMS in the world. It powers more than 30% of the websites around the web which has 59% CMS market share. It can be used in many different ways from simple websites to eCommerce marketplaces and anything in between.

  • In 2020, 86% of people are depending on the internet to find a local business, so having a website will add credibility to your business.
    Having a website will give a clear description of who you are, what your business is about.
  • You can expand your business globally through your website.
  • Your business can be easily accessible and available 24/7 so that you can attract more customers.
  • Your contact information will be easily available to the customers.
  • You can improve your sales by selling your products online.
  • You can improve customer service by having a feedback mechanism through your website.

Web design is not only about the look, feel and user experience of the web portal. Web design plays a major role in visitors’ first impressions about the business. According to the study, 95% of people distrust a website that has bad web design. Good website design helps the website to grab user attention at first shot.

A website, which’s content, design, images, and CTAs open properly in every device is called as a responsive website. Nowadays, smartphones are the major source of website traffic, by having a responsive website you can attract more traffic to your website and also increase your conversion rate.

  • It should be easy to pronounce and type.
  • It should be unique.
  • It should be short and memorable.
  • It should be relevant to your business.
  • Always .com domain name extension is preferable.

It varies from website to website based on the requirements, complexity and technology used.

We completely guarantee our design work. After viewing the initial draft(s), if you are not okay with that we offer revisions based on your feedback. Even then, if you are not satisfied after revisions and wish to discontinue work, we will refund 100% of your deposit. Please note that all the work done by us until that point is owned by us and you cannot use it in any manner without our explicit permission.

The cost depends on the complexity of the website. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and give you a quote at any time.

Absolutely yes, we can analyze your current website and redesign it according to your needs.

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