Best Internet Marketing Services in Bangalore

Best Internet Marketing Services in Bangalore

Your search for best internet marketing company in Bangalore ends here; Nexgen Digital Marketing Solutions is a team of cool coders, passionate SEO experts, wonderful writers, digital marketing strategists, social media lovers and creative designers led by a gentleman with more than 25 years’ experience in marketing. We have been offering best internet marketing services in Bangalore from 8 years. We don’t work just to get paid instead we always talk about performance guaranteed services. And we promise the results because we know you won’t be disappointed with our online marketing services.

From website development to generating leads, we help you in every step of taking your business online. Where other internet marketing agencies focus only on the KPIs like ranking, traffic, followers etc. We care about fulfilling your end goal (conversion/sales) along with the KPIs. Our SEO packages do not include limited SEO activities according to the prices. When we work on your website, we do whatever it takes to rank the site without spamming low quality backlinks. And along with that, we also optimize the website for search engines as well as users for better conversion.

Why we call us one of the Best Internet Marketing Company in Bangalore?

We simply don’t call ourselves best internet marketing company in Bangalore we literally mean it. Well, you might be thinking why? Because unlike other internet marketing companies we don’t throw all digital marketing channels on your head, just to charge you more. We pay attention to understand your industry, customers, and your goals and come up with the perfect plan. Not everyone needs everything to reach their marketing goals; every digital marketing channel has its own way of working. Just an engaging social media posts and ads will be enough for attracting people to attend your event and on the other hand Search Engine Optimization will help businesses and blogs with long term goals to gain more traffic. Pay-Per-Click or Search Ads will help you get leads without waiting for your website to rank for the desired keywords.

‘Jack of all master of none’ is the new cool these days, but Nexgen has a team of people for every digital marketing channel who have mastered that field. Everyone in our team has worked on plenty of projects and has given mind blowing results. Working in different industries and staying updated about all new algorithm changes and updates helps us achieve our marketing goals. We believe that communication and transparency is the key to an agency’s success. So we maintain transparency with the client and make sure that they’ll have an idea about what’s going on with their project.

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Web Development

In this online competition world, having a business website is not an option whether you have small, medium or big scale business.

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If you don’t have your business website you are probably losing a big number of customers, profit and impressions.
NexGen Digital Marketing Solutions are one of the top web design and web development company in India, located in Bangalore. We offer the best web design and web development services with budget-friendly packages. We have been providing website design, website development, web portals, and web application development services for the last 8 years with 400+ projects all over India, 350+ satisfied clients.

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Every day your competitor is stealing your customer base if you are not active on social media channels.

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So how do you take back your customers from competitors? 3 words – Social Media Marketing.
Social media marketing relies on social media platforms to connect with your audience in order to build your brand and drive traffic to your website. Social platforms help the businesses to connect and stay connected with fellow business and the customers. With more than half the population present on social media, your potential customer is just a click away.

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If your website is not optimized for search engine, you are missing out on valuable traffic and potential customers.

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So how do you optimize your website for search engine? 3 words – Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
SEO is the work done in order to increase your website’s visibility on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Google alone has over 200 factors which it takes into consideration to rank websites around the world based on their relevance to a customer.

We at Nexgen Digital Solutions make use of our proven SEO strategy to help you rank higher on Google and generate massive traffic flow to your website. SEO is an important step to bring organic traffic to your website through search engines.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) is the most effective advertising channel where the ads appear on the top and bottom of Google Search Results.

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PPC can be a good method for targeted marketing, especially for small and medium size business who are unable to compel organic traffic on their website.
If the campaign is setup right, PPC can be an extremely effective way to appear in front of potential customers looking for your service.

Our PPC specialist at Nexgen Digital Solutions develop an optimal strategy and constantly monitor the campaign in order to fully capitalize the full potential of the PPC campaign.

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Our Services

Display Advertising

Display Advertising as a great way to build brand and awareness and also to re-target users who visited your site. With Google Display Advertising your ad can appear in 2 million websites and 6,50,000 apps. Specialty of a display ad is you can select different audiences based on their age, gender, interest, etc.

A display ad is more appealing compared to text ads because of graphic and colors. At Nexgen, we design your display ads, keeping the target audience and their taste in mind. We segment the audiences based on their interest and demographic details and serve them with different ad copies to give you more ROI.

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SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Facebook alone has 326.1 million active users in India, and the average time a person spends on social networking sites is 144 minutes per day. And as a businessman if this number didn’t inspire you to run advertising on social media, then you are leaving a big opportunity for your competitors to beat you.

Advertising on Social Media has a hell lot of benefits. Because, there you can target your audiences based on their age, gender, interest, status, profession, locality, qualification etc. Targeting a right set of people with the right ad copy gives you more conversion in less cost.

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Local Search engine Optimization

If you are thinking just optimizing your website for search engine is enough for your business, then you are definitely missing out something important. Surveys say that 82% people search ‘near me’ on google before visiting an offline store. Local Search engine optimization helps you rank for ‘near me’ searches.

While optimizing your website helps you get more web traffic, optimizing your google my business listing helps you attract more people to visit your offline store. What can be better than a person looking for a related service you offer, visiting your office/store directly? Yes, that’s what you’ll get with our Local Search Engine Optimization services.

We know exactly how to optimize your Google Business Listing to rank for most of the keywords. You may be thinking that ‘business listing is all about filling my business name, address, contact details and I’ve have already done that what else can you do? Well. Google Business listing is not there to pop up when someone searches your business name. By optimizing your listing page in a right way you can rank for your product/service keyword + ‘near me’ searches. Out of so many stores in the locality google shows only 3 listings in search result page and that’s called as the Google Map Pack. By keeping your listing information up-to-date and by posting regularly your listing can bring you lots of store visits.

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National/ International SEO

If you believe that mentioning more place’s names in the single page or creating a separate page for each city / country with the same old content will help you rank for other cities / countries related search, then trust me it’s not going to work. International SEO requires the same effort to rank the keywords.

By mentioning numbers of cities in a single page you confuse both the search engine as well as users and pages created with the same content, city name changed won’t even get indexed in Google. With ample experience in Global SEO our SEO Experts at Nexgen helps you rank your website globally. Instead of filling your website with plagiarized content and duplicate pages, we write personalized and SEO friendly content for each region page.

We pay attention to every small detail, from your website URL to Footer links we make sure everything is optimized in a right way and gives a better user experience. If you are thinking about attracting visitors to your website from different countries we have all the required knowledge and experience to help you achieve that.

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SMO (Social Media Optimization)

People often get confused that social media marketing is both managing a social media profile and advertising on social media, but creating a social media profile, keeping it updated and earning more fans / followers without spending money on ads is called as Social Media Optimization or SMO.

Social media marketing is all about running paid campaigns and sponsoring posts on social media. Creating a Social media profile, keeping it updated and earning more followers without spending money on ads is called as Social Media Optimization or SMO. Along with on and off page SEO, Social Media Optimization also affects your search engine ranking. Social media also helps you in building a better brand image, interacting with your existing customers and attracting more customers.

At Nexgen, We offer best Social Media Optimization Services in Bangalore, India. Whether you are a clothing brand or an industrial manufacturer, we understand your industry, audience type and their interests. Each social media is different and people seek different kinds of information in it, so we create a customized strategy for each social media channel. We create different content for every social media channel and research the trending hashtags for each channel before posting anything. So why waste time, when you can increase your social media followers and gain loyal customers easily call us now and gift your social media profiles a new look and more followers.

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Responsive Web Design

Having a website is okay but having a website which provides better user experience on all devices is great. Now people don’t browse only on desktop and laptop like the old days, electronic gadgets like mobile, tablet, iPhone and smart watch are the major source of global internet traffic.

A website, which’s content, design, images and CTAs open properly in every device are called as a responsive website. And responsive websites are a must for company’s online success. Responsive websites rank higher in search engine result page and gives you more conversions compared to the website which are not responsive.

We understand that better user experience is a crucial part of a business’s success, so we make sure that your website users have a better browsing experience irrespective of the device they use. We customize every aspect of the website to work differently on different devices. With highly experienced front end and back end web developers team Nexgen offers best responsive website design and development services in Bangalore, India.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Internet marketing is a widely used term for promotion, marketing, and brand awareness. Internet marketing has different names such as online marketing, digital marketing, digital promotion, etc.. In simple words the process of increasing sales for businesses over the internet by reaching more online users is nothing but internet marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Viral Marketing

In 2020, the online market is the main customer base for a lot of businesses. There are 483 million active internet users in India. It covers almost 35% of the nation’s population. From the last 5 years, small scale businesses have increased their business growth by 300% through internet marketing services. Digital marketing plays a major role in business growth, whether it is a small, medium or large scale business.

  • Look for an agency that has deep years of experience and worked for different industries.
  • Check if their digital marketing package suits your marketing budget.
  • Check if they have worked in your industry before in their portfolio.
  • Make sure that their client’s branding strategy and online presence is good.
  • Check what their employees and clients say about the agency online.

Digital marketing packages vary from agencies to agencies and from service to service. But in Nexgen, we customize the packages according to your marketing goals and budget.

Digital Marketing includes a lot of marketing channels like SEO, SMM, PPC, SMO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. Each channel works in a different way and gives different results. For example, PPC gives instant results, but SEO needs 3 months to a year depending upon industry and competitor.

You can track the success of your digital marketing strategies by analyzing metrics like your website traffic, your rank in search engine result page, social media followers, online contact form fills, etc.

We use lots of software / tools for different purposes like research, planning, analyzing, etc. Those include tools likes, Google Keyword planner, Uber suggest, Answer the public, etc for keyword research, SEMRush, Moz, Ahrefs, etc to analyze competition and backlinks, Google Analytics and Search Console to understand website traffic and keyword performance, and the list goes on.

Yes, you can reach audiences all over the world with brand awareness campaigns in display advertising and social media ads.

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