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If you are thinking about starting your PPC Campaign or hiring a PPC Company in Bangalore, you are at the right place. Starting a paid campaign on google can benefit your business much more than your expectations. PPC or Pay Per Click is the most effective way of advertising, because you present your product/service in front of the people who are looking for something similar. Researches say that people who visit a website after clicking on a PPC ad are 50 percent more likely to make a purchase compared to visitors who clicked on an organic search result. PPC Advertising gives you instant traffic and leads unlike SEO where you have to wait till you rank on the first page.

Our PPC specialists are experts in creating a compelling ad copy that google approves and attractive landing pages which give more conversion. The best PPC strategy should always give more conversion in less cost. And we achieve that by improving the Adscore and optimizing the bidding strategy. Creating a PPC campaign is not the end, in fact, it’s the start. We regularly check the performance and keep improving the landing page and the ad copy. By regularly monitoring the cost per click and high performing places we optimize bidding strategy and make changes in keyword as well as ad copy based on the performance. We assure you that by letting us manage your PPC campaigns you’ll get a better ROI in every campaign.

Our PPC advertising services fit all budgets, small and big. We are managing Google Ads accounts with a daily budget of 500 to 20+ thousand. Nexgen is a leading PPC Company in Bangalore with more than 7 years of experience and expertise.

Why PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising Services?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the most effective advertising channel where the ads appear on the top and bottom of Google Search Results. PPC advertising can be a good method for targeted marketing specially for small and medium size business who are unable to compel organic traffic on their website. If the campaign is set up right, PPC can be an extremely effective way to appear in front of potential customers looking for your service.

Nexgen has completed 8 years as a successful PPC Company in Bangalore. In these years we have managed campaigns of various well know brands in India. Our PPC specialists in Nexgen Digital Solutions develop an optimal strategy and constantly monitor the campaign. This helps them fully capitalize on the full potential of the PPC campaign.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Workflow


The first step to conduct a successful PPC campaign is reviewing the account structure. We expand, test and analyze your website to look for opportunities to improve the campaign. Here is a brief description of how we analyze your campaign:

Reviewing the account:

This gives us an idea to expand, test and analyze your website to find opportunities to improve the campaign. While reviewing the account, we look at: a. The budget of the campaign b. The bidding strategy c. The number of campaigns running

Analyze the Audience:

Selecting the right audience is key component during the PPC analysis. We look at the demographics, the device our audience uses to access our Ads, the socio-economic status and interest to better understand your audience. This helps in creating personalized ad copies that resonate with the audience, leading to more conversions for the business.

Analyze the Competition:

It’s important to analyze your competition while performing PPC analysis. It gives us an idea who we are up against, the keywords that the competitors are trying to bid for, how their campaigns are performing.

Keyword Research:

The next step in the process of creating the PPC campaign is carefully choosing the relevant keywords. Choosing the right keywords is the foundation for everything while running PPC campaigns. Carefully selecting the right keywords can avoid unnecessary clicks and wastage of money. Here is a brief description of how we perform keyword research before running the PPC campaign:

Keywords on Your Website:

The best place to find keyword ideas is on your own website. The website can be full of keyword ideas, both short tail and long tail, which the customers would be more likely to type while looking for your services/product.

Cast a wide net:

The next step is coming up with “obvious” keywords that the user searches while looking for your service/product. Once we have the keyword list, we put it through Google Keyword Planner tool to find more related key phrases.

Spy on Competition:

With the help of various tools, we find out the keywords that our competitors are bidding on. If the competitors are bidding on certain keywords, there’s a good chance the keyword is worth bidding on.

Negative Keywords:

The most important part of keyword research should be to carefully select Negative Keywords. Negative keywords are keywords that you don’t want your ads to show for. Carefully choosing your negative keywords can help in controlling the ad spend.

Updating the Keyword List Regularly:

While running the campaign, there might be few keywords that might trigger the ads. It’s important to carefully monitor these search terms in order to decide whether these search phrases are relevant or not.

Creating Ad Copy:

After keyword research, we work our magic on creating extremely engaging ad copy for our ads. Regardless of how powerful your campaign targeting is or how engaging your landing page is, without an engaging ad copy, the PPC campaign efforts may fail. To create an engaging ad copy, we follow these steps:

Be Relevant:

The ad copy can be extremely important in gaining relevance with the potential customers. To do this, we ensure that the keyword theme in the ad group and the keyword/ad copy that we use matches the landing page. If the ad matches the user’s search intent, they are more likely to click on the ad.

Attention Grabbing Headline:

The headlines in the ad copy should be both compelling and attention grabbing. Using the relevant keywords in the headline can increase the Click Through Rate (CTR).

Highlight Unique Value Proposition (UVP):

UVP describes the benefits of your business and what distinguishes you from the competition. We ensure that there is a unique value proposition which makes your ad stand out from your competition.

Call to Action:

The call to action in the ad copy is great way to drive clicks to your website.

Creating Ad Extension:

The ad extensions can boost the CTR and we ensure that the ad extension is unique and stands out of the crowd.

Creating Landing Page:

A landing page is a “lead capture page” which appears in response to clicking on an ad copy. The landing pages are designed for the users to focus on the copy or message tailored to the conversion goal on the page. Here is a brief description of the best practices we follow while designing a landing page:

Landing Page Improve Paid Search Campaign:

Quality score, a factor used to improve the ad rank and cost per click, can help in improving the paid search campaign. The quality of your landing page plays an important role in improving the quality score. Some of the other factors which contribute in improving the quality score are: a. Click Through Rate b. Keyword relevancy in ad group c. Landing page quality d. Ad text relevancy

Landing Page Increases Conversions:

When the user lands on the landing page, they either take action immediately by filling out the form or leave the page immediately. We ensure that the landing page is designed in such a way that it is more focused on converting the leads into customers.

A/B Testing the Landing Page:

We also set up different landing pages to perform split tests. It helps us to make informed decisions about the elements on the landing page and gives us an idea about which page has a better conversion rate.

Optimizing the Landing Page for Mobile:

We ensure that the landing page is responsive and optimized for the mobile screen. Optimizing the landing page for mobile can have performance benefits.

Measure the Results:

We constantly monitor the campaigns to look for opportunities to make the campaign more profitable. While the campaign is running, we constantly make changes to the bidding strategies to improve the ROI and the conversion rates. We report the progress of the campaigns on a monthly basis.

Benefits of PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing


PPC campaigns can drive a quality traffic to their website quickly. If managed effectively, PPC advertising can boost up the conversions and the website traffic significantly.


PPC campaigns can be helpful in reaching the targeted audience – especially on search and shopping network.


The data obtained from PPC campaigns is available almost instantly. This can be helpful while making adjustments to improve the campaigns.


With the help of conversion tracking, advertisers can see the Return of investment (ROI) of their ads.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Services We Offer

As a Leading Pay Per Click Advertising- PPC Company in Bangalore, we manage different ad campaigns. Such as:

1. Search Engine Marketing:

We create and run campaigns for your business on different search engines to get quality traffic from people who are actively looking for your services.

2. Display Advertising:

We create unique and attractive ad banners for your business and display it in front of the right audience across the web in order to create awareness about your brand.

3. Mobile Marketing:

We design mobile banners aimed to reach the target audience on their smartphone or tablets. This is helpful for companies looking to market their mobile app or have mobile specific products.

4. Video Ads:

We design engaging display ads with video in them to create brand awareness.

5. Shopping Ads:

For e-commerce, we focus on shopping ads for brand exposure, helping them to compete with big players in the industry.

What will you get with our PPC management services?

Customized reporting with 24/7 assistance
Help in keyword generation and research
ROI tracking and conversion analysis
Campaign testing and ad copy creation
Top level campaign planning and execution

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pay per click advertising allows the business to place ads across the internet. It can be helpful to increase the brand awareness and generate leads for the business.

i> Google
ii> Bing
iii> Facebook
iv> Twitter
v> Linkedin
vi> Youtube
vii> Instagram

The price for the PPC campaigns can vary by business and industry. The average spend for the PPC campaigns is around 1-3 Lakh per month in India for medium size business.

Google Ads is an advertising platform by Google where the advertisers bid on keywords in order to appear in the Google’s search result page. The Google Ads enables business to set a budget for advertising where they only pay when people click on their ads.

The factors which determine the PPC costs are:
i> Bidding
ii> Targeting
iii> Ad quality
iv> Quality score

Google Ads can be effective for small business if used effectively. It helps in:
i> Reaching people when they are looking for your services
ii> Targeting people locally
iii> Targeting multiple audiences using the same product

i> Create specific a ad group based on relevancy
ii> Choose the keywords carefully
iii> Include keywords in the ad text
iv> Use effective call to action
v> Monitor the campaign regularly

There is no such thing as better, because both SEO and PPC are necessary to bring traffic to your website. SEO can be a time consuming process, but the results from SEO are long term. Whereas PPC is a quick way of bringing traffic to your website, but involves lot of money as the advertisers have to pay money for the ads.

Creating a PPC Campaign for your business may sound easy, but a campaign’s success depends on a lot of aspects such as, keywords, ad copy content, bidding strategy, Geo-location, ad score, landing page, etc. So hiring a PPC Company will give you more conversion because, experienced PPC experts will be continuously monitoring and improving your PPC ad.

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