E-Commerce Website Development :

E-commerce segment is growing really fast. Every year, we observe a 20% growth in the online retail business. As of this moment, online trade market takes 12%. And it is estimated that this figure will be around 15% by 2020.

Having an e-commerce website can help you in managing users, showcasing your products and keep track of your orders. A well-designed and well-integrated e-commerce website can do all the heavy lifting for your business.

Do You Have a Website Requirement for Your Brand?

What can E-Commerce website do for your business ?

An E-Commerce website can:

i> Manage your products and orders,

ii> Keep track of your package tracking,

iii> Identify new customers with search engine visibility,

iv> Provide comparison shopping,

v> Boost brand awareness,

vi> Help you sell your products across the world,

vii> It’s open 24/7.

How do we do it?

Analysis: The first step towards designing a responsive E-Commerce is about identifying the website purpose and the business goals.

Development: In this step we develop the website using WordPress or any other technology with some help from databases.

• Planning: We plan the website architecture and the technology to be used in order to create user-friendly website layout.

QC Check: After completion of the website, we check whether the website is compatible with major browser and is mobile friendly.

Our highly skilled technical team at NexGen Digital Marketing Solutions can help you and your business get you onboard with an e-commerce store, in minimal time based on your requirements. We focus on efficiency, optimal click paths to various actions, and increased possibility of conversions thereby creating delightful user experiences with the objective of keeping your customers happy and increasing the return quotient of your store.

Do You Have a Website Requirement for Your Brand?

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