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E-commerce segment is growing really fast. Every year, we observe a 20% growth there. For this moment, online trade market takes 10%. And this figure will be 11.5% in 2018. Total sales have exceeded $2.3 billion in 2017. As you could see, this is a huge market that shows significant annual growth. Many software companies have noticed this trend and developed flexible ecommerce platforms. Read more: http://merehead.com/blog/best-ecommerce-platforms-2018.

Our highly skilled technical team at NexGen Digital Marketing Solutions LLP, work with these Content Management Systems & we can help you and your business get you onboard with an e-commerce store, in as minimal time as possible, based on your requirments. Being technically sound, we focus on efficiency, optimal click paths to various actions, and increased possibility of conversions thereby creating delightful user experiences with the objective of keeping your customers happy and increasing the return quotient of your store.

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eCommerce in 2018

Ecommerce is largely about execution. If you get the maths right, the rest should follow, given enough traffic and time for your site to establish. But for anyone involved in the ecommerce game, it is an environment that is constantly changing and upgrading as technologies improve and companies battle against each other to win a greater share of the pie.

The future of ecommerce is uncertain, but some things remain constant – delivery times will improve, customer service will get increasingly better, and product selection will become ever greater. But how might the future of buying online actually look from the customer perspective, and what should you be implementing in your own business over time to stay ahead of the curve?

The boundaries between eCommerce and physical commerce, i.e. the retail store, will become less definite as time passes, and companies are already looking at ways of tying together online tracking and customer information with their real-world experience. This also complements the idea of greater customization of the shopping experience, allowing retailers to use existing online data to personalize their entire relationship – both online and offline.

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